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PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management)

The PGDM curriculum comprising 6 terms is a judicious blend of theory and practice with the focus on building the necessary concepts, skills and competencies to augment career growth and is regularly reviewed in consultation with the Academic Advisory Committee comprising experts from industry and academia.

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PGDM (Health Care Management - HCM)

The HCM programme has been carefully structured after taking into account industry needs, existing gaps and future requirements. The courses under the programme are a blend of management and healthcare function, which makes it an application based management programme, a concept which is widely prevalent in developed countries.

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PGDM (Big Data Analytics - BDA)

The BDA program will expose students to statistical theory, data management including big data, and business intelligence systems including machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning and related tools, techniques and algorithms. The major emphasis will be on providing hands-on training to the students using all major software tools in vogue and working on actual industry projects.

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PGDM (Banking, Insurance & Financial Services - BIFS)

The BIFS programme emphasizes practical and application-oriented learning supported by theories for students to become proficient in the BIFS sector. Course content is primarily industry driven with flexibility in quickly adapting to the changing dynamics of the industry. Continual engagement with industry partners for delivery of applied content, internships and placements in undertaken.

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IDA (International Double Degree in Analytics)

IDA is a 24-month double-degree program in analytics, starting at GIM and finishing at Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal. It's tailored for experienced professionals with minimum 30 months of work experienced and are passionate about data insights. This program hones data-driven leadership, covering analytics, business intelligence, and ethical data usage. Graduates emerge as skilled leaders in data-centric organizations.


FPM is a full time doctoral programme with three distinct phases - Course Work, Comprehensive Examination & Research Seminar and Thesis work. Research scholars will be equipped with in-depth analytical and functional skills to succeed in both academia and industry. Participants will get an opportunity to work as a teaching and research assistants. All admitted scholars are entitled for scholarship, and will get an opportunity to attend national and international conferences, workshops etc. Monthly stipend of upto Rs.62,000/- per month and hostel accommodation.





What's Achiever's/ELITE Round?


ELITE: Note: For Achiever's and ELITE, interviews will be conducted in Bangalore, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi.

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Application cost (₹)

Last Date to Apply One programme Two programme Three programme Four programme
First Mover 31st Oct 2023 1750 + GST 2000 + GST 2250 + GST 2750 + GST
Early Bird 28th Nov 2023 2000 + GST 2250 + GST 2500 + GST 3000 + GST
Achiever Round Deadline 05th Dec 2023 2500 + GST 3000 + GST 3500 + GST 4000 + GST
CAT 2023 Deadline 20th Dec 2023 2500 + GST 3000 + GST 3500 + GST 4000 + GST
Last Date 02nd Jan 2024 2500 + GST 3000 + GST 3500 + GST 4000 + GST
Final Deadline 16th Jan 2024 3500 + GST 4000 + GST 4500 + GST 5000 + GST
IDA Application 1500 + GST 1500 + GST 1500 + GST 1500 + GST

IDA Programme: International Double Degree Programme in Analytics.

*18% GST applicable
Application cost (₹)

First Mover
Last Date to Apply 31st Oct 2023
One programme 1750 + GST
Two programme 2000 + GST
Three programme 2250 + GST
Four programme 2750 + GST

Early Bird
Last Date to Apply 28th Nov 2023
One programme 2000 + GST
Two programme 2250 + GST
Three programme 2500 + GST
Four programme 3000 + GST

Achiever Round Deadline
Last Date to Apply 05th Dec 2023
One programme 2500 + GST
Two programme 3000 + GST
Three programme 3500 + GST
Four programme 4000 + GST

CAT 2023 Deadline
Last Date to Apply 20th Dec 2023
One programme 2500 + GST
Two programme 3000 + GST
Three programme 3500 + GST
Four programme 4000 + GST

Last Date
Last Date to Apply 02nd Jan 2024
One programme 2500 + GST
Two programme 3000 + GST
Three programme 3500 + GST
Four programme 4000 + GST

Final Deadline
Last Date to Apply 16th Jan 2024
One programme 3500 + GST
Two programme 4000 + GST
Three programme 4500 + GST
Four programme 5000 + GST

IDA Application
Last Date to Apply
One programme 1500 + GST
Two programme 1500 + GST
Three programme 1500 + GST
Four programme 1500 + GST

IDA Programme: There will be an additional application fees of 1,500 + GST for the International Double Degree Programme in Analytics.

*18% GST applicable
Placements at a Glance
60.4 LPA

Highest International package

55 LPA

Highest Domestic package

21 %



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Achiever's Round: Achiever's round is a profile-based short-listing of candidates based on their self-reported achievements in various fields such as academics, sports, co-curricular, professional experience, etc. Achievers Round is applicable to only the PGDM programme(based on First Preference). The candidates for Achievers Round shall be shortlisted without CAT/ XAT/ GMAT scores. These exams scores will be incorporated later. An offer for spot Admission shall be given to select set of candidates, others will be considered for admission along with regular applicants.

ELITE: Academic toppers from a selected set of institutes/ MBBS/CA/CS/CWA/CFA (US) / candidates with at least 24 months of full time work-experience in selected companies are invited to Achievers round as ELITE applications in various programmes based on first preference. All ELITE applications will be given opportunity to appear in the Interview process, after verifying the eligibility.

For Achiever’s and Elite Interviews centres are located in cities including Bangalore, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi. ELITE List

Outstanding performance in academics, sports, co-curricular, or at the workplace can be highlighted as achievements for the Achiever's round. The above are indicative and not exhaustive. Examples of achievements are given below for reference:

  • Star performer in last appraisal
  • National Hockey player
  • No. 2 in University Degree Course
  • Topper of school in 12th
  • 20th  in State Board in 10th
  • District Level Volleyball Player
  • Held solo exhibition of Photographs
  • Employee of the year

Toppers of selected colleges/MBBS/CA/CS/ICWA/CFA(US)/work experience with specified companies. ELITE applicants will be automatically shortlisted for interviews and will be eligible to apply for ACCESS scholarship

For only those who has PGDM as first preference

You can know more about scholarships on the fees and financial aid page here.

GAAT stands for GIM Analytics Aptitude Test. This test conducted by GIM is intended to assess a student's aptitude in the areas of Linear equations, Calculus, Matrices, Progressions, and Abstract Reasoning. The test is for a duration of 55 minutes with MCQs. The test does not have any strict sections based on the topics stated above. This aptitude test will be administered online. Every wrong answer will carry a negative mark. GAAT will be conducted on 28th January 2024

GIM charges lower application fee for early applications and higher application fees closer to the final deadline.

If you make a smart choice, you pay roughly half of what you pay if you wait till the last day.

The International Double Degree in Analytics programme is 24 month residential full time programme. On successful completion of the programme, the candidate earns PGDM (BDA) from GIM and M.Sc. in Business Analytics from Nova School of Buisness and Economics, Portugal. Students will complete the first year at GIM and the second year at Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal.

At least one of the exams listed:

i. TOEFL iBT (min score- 100)

ii. IELTS (min score- 7.0)

iii. Cambridge English Proficiency exam (CPE) (min grade- C)

iv. Cambridge English Advanced exam (CAE) (min grade- B)

v. Cambridge English Business Certificates (BEC) (min grade- B)

Career support services shall be provided by NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal